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Sparking light-bulb moments

Before the field trip, she spoke about how she couldn’t wait to go to WCCO.

Toni Randolph

Remembering Toni Randolph: Colleagues, mentees reflect on MPR editor’s life and legacy

Minnesota Public Radio award-winning journalist Toni Randolph, a longtime ThreeSixty Journalism supporter, a champion for diversity in newsrooms and a mentor to young

Damon Maloney

ThreeSixty Alumni Spotlight: Damon Maloney: A local reporter covering the Flint water crisis

Like many others, Damon Maloney had seen presidential jet landings on television before.

22 for 22: ThreeSixty Journalism Class of 2016 graduates to attend college

Publishing a moving story. Conducting a powerful interview. Reporting a story that brings change.

Late-start debate: Research prompts some high schools to push back start times

With research suggesting a variety of benefits to later high school start times for students, some Twin Cities area schools have begun to push back start times, while others have decided against th

Adding their own flavor: Harding trio gets once-in-a-lifetime chance to display culinary chops in D.C.

As Kaylyn Vang prepared to convince a panel of celebrity judges that she and her teammates had created the most flavorful, healthy meal during a national cook-off, time seemed to have stopped.

Jerrad takes a walk: Burnsville graduate’s documentary highlights student with cerebral palsy

Burnsville High School graduate Scott Tinkham and senior Jerrad Solberg were locker neighbors in junior high, but they didn’t really get to know each other until Tinkham picked up a video cam

A bed – in a cardboard box: Metro-area nonprofit gives young mothers maternity packages that double as infant beds

When Danielle Selassie saw a story about a Finnish tradition of giving pregnant women small cardboard boxes to use as bassinets, she was inspired.

Safety? There’s an app for that: Preventing sexual assault with the help of technology

Imagine finding yourself in a dangerous situation, such as a first date that has turned threatening or a suspicious neighborhood at night.

Yoga for youth: The ancient Indian practice can inspire healthier lifestyles for kids, teens

At Learning Tree Yoga in Minneapolis, a group of preschoolers bounces around in a classroom, singing and jabbering.

Corset comeback: Do waist trainers cause more harm than results?

With one Instagram selfie in a purple waist trainer, Kim Kardashian brought the waist-squeezing—and potentially lung-constricting and rib-crushing— device mainstream in 2014.

On a roll: Young wheelchair basketball star sets his sights high

Motivation can come in many shapes and sizes.

For Collin Evans, it’s the sight of the wheelchair he’s used since a car accident nearly crushed his spine when he was 7.

Fostering youth voice: Irreducible Grace provides young people with space to share their stories

A group of young people line up against a St. Paul light rail station. While one of them beats on a drum, they chant, “I got something to say, can you hear me?”

Life after foster care: Effects of the system on children, young adults

Tiara Suarez sat in her seventh-grade classroom when her teacher’s phone rang.

College Essay: The art of storytelling

“Ahlao, do you want to hear a story?” said Dad, addressing me by my childhood name more than 10 years ago in our living room.

College Essay: Appreciating the skin I’m in

Imagine being in a classroom where everyone else is in on a secret, except you. What you hear is silence, but their stares say it all: You’re different, you don’t belong.

College Essay: ‘Everyone belongs in the light’

Once a year, my mom and I take a road trip to the same winding road along the St. Croix River, to the town of Prescott, Wisconsin.

I am nervous. I don’t enjoy it.

College Essay: Making grandpa proud

I was only 16 years old. Yet I was down on my knees, changing the diaper of an 89-year-old Vietnamese man.

College Essay: Life lessons through Aztec dance

A 10-year-old girl beats on a wooden drum under the blazing, yellow sun: One, two, one, two, one-two-three-four.

College Essay: Hard work now, success later

For a couple of years in my early childhood, I regularly slept at night in a car. I would lie in the backseat, my legs stretching all the way to the other seat. Sometimes I would snore.

College Essay: 'I am full of hope'

In the summer of 2012, my childhood friend Ayaanle and I were exploring our dusty and blazing hot Ethiopian refugee camp when suddenly, we heard gunshots.

College Essay: ‘Information is power’

I landed in Cairo at a revolutionary time.

College Essay: Winning the fight against MRSA

“Ouch,” I thought, after what seemed like a typical insect bite on my left leg. That is, until the sharp and unbearable pain put my life on hold.

College Essay: Embracing a cultural mix

As I unfolded on the cold, hard ground behind the gym bleachers with tears rolling down my eyes, I sensed that I didn’t belong.

College Essay: Writing is a passion, a safe haven

“He’s coming,” I told my mom as we looked out of the glass patio door at home, waiting for my dad. “He’s just running late.”

College Essay: Finding purpose through my sister

“Tu hermana tiene autismo.”

“Your sister has autism.”

Those four words changed my life.

College Essay: Triumph in the war on my skin

When I was 12, I declared war on my skin.

College Essay: Lessons from the loss of a loved one

The heat pressed against my skin on a humid June afternoon.

College Essay: Rewriting the single story about refugees

I look around, seeing two naked Turkana women carrying a pile of wood above their heads. Sacred red paint covers their bodies. Heavy and large beads adorn their elongated necks.

College Essay: The veil: ‘A means of empowerment’

Misguided saviors trying to save a simple Muslim girl
but they can’t seem to comprehend that I don’t need to be saved,

College Essay: Forging my own path

Every time I visit my grandparents in their huge house in Blaine, I hear a broken record.