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Sara Pelissero, Multimedia Producer at KARE 11

ThreeSixty Alumni Spotlight: Sara Pelissero: From budding journalist to multimedia producer at KARE 11

ONE DAY HER TOPIC could be politics. The next it could be National Donut Day.

It’s social, but about business, too: Students share social media wisdom at first-ever Youth Social Media Summit

IT WAS TIME for students to be the teachers for one day when more than 30 high school students listened to their peers share wisdom about social media at a day-long summit in February at the Univer

‘A crash course in solitude’

IN SEPTEMBER 2015, I witnessed a terrible two-vehicle car crash right in front of my high school.

Going backward to swim forward

IN THE POOL, my shoulders were squealing and screaming in agony. The pain was too much to bear. It felt as though my shoulder blades were being torn apart like a wishbone.

Closing the gap: Generation Next seeks to erase educational achievement gap

36 percent. 53 percent. 60 percent.

ThreeSixty Focus on… Tyus Jones

The Minnesota Timberwolves rookie talks life in the NBA as a teenager, Flip Saunders and improvement

AS RISING STARS Zach LaVine and Karl Anthony-Towns competed in an oddly matched but ente

Weighing a gap year: A break before college can be beneficial, experts say – but it’s not for everyone

AFTER GRADUATION, some high school students will attend college locally while others are bound for out-of-state schools.

Other students will work or enroll in technical programs.

A surprise welcome to college

WHEN IOWA STATE University sent me a breaking news alert in an email, I thought it was another college rejecting my application.

I clicked on the link anyway.

Tackling concussions: Safety measures in football have been taken in recent years, but some call for sport’s removal from schools

WITH THE HEIGHTENED public awareness of head injuries in football serving as a backdrop, Dr.

College Essay Boot Camp: Kickin' students' essays into shape

The week’s lessons were in place, the more than 30 students at Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis and Harding Senior High School in St.

The state of transgender rights: Social and political battle hits home in Minnesota

FROM NORTH CAROLINA to South Dakota, the rights of trans­gender and gender-nonconforming people, including students, are front and center in a social and political battle.

Tangled roots: Students, teachers and officials weigh in on school violence causes, solutions

WHILE HEADLINES WARN about school fights and teacher assaults, Ian Marquez doesn’t feel threatened as he walks down the hallways of Central High School in St. Paul.

Grappling with safety: Debate has emerged over how to prevent school violence

JAMIL LOTT HAS a lot to deal with every day.

School fights going viral: What used to be small-scale incidents are now public events online

SMARTPHONES CLENCHED in hands and voices raised, the excited chatter and jeers only get louder when somebody’s head hits the floor.

Student Profile: Alessandro Denti, an Italian exchange student who asks, ‘Why Crocs?’

THEY ARE HATED with a passion. They are loved unconditionally.

They are too ugly for some and accessorized to perfection by others.

They are Crocs.

Justifying the high: Despite health warnings, some students choose to smoke marijuana for sleep, stress, they say

Editor’s note: ThreeSixty has changed the names of students in this story.

SARAH WAS IN eighth grade the first time she smoked marijuana.

Success over stress: Top high school students face academic pressure head-on


Vice President of National Honor Society and Senior Class Board.

Assistant at St. Paul’s Arlington Hills Library.

Why I joined a high school walkout

AS I WALKED slowly into the hall after the second-hour bell at Minneapolis Southwest High School in January, I thought to myself, “I’ve never done anything like this.”

My untraditional route to college

NEXT FALL, I will be a freshman at Augsburg College in Minneapolis and the first college student in my family.

But my path to Augsburg is not typical.


Race and political correctness

WHEN A GIRL in one of my classes said, “Black Lives Matter is a hate group against policemen,” the entire class, including the teacher, turned to me for reaction.


Making our voices heard

On a February morning this year, I was rushing to find a seat for our daily assembly at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School.


Returning to the stage: Theater back in the spotlight at Minneapolis Roosevelt

AFTER MORE THAN 15 years without a theater production at Minneapolis Roosevelt High School, the overhead lights dimmed in the school’s newly renovated auditorium in January as the actors and

Unlimited possibilities: College Possible makes student’s college dreams become reality

FOR HIGH SCHOOL sophomores, the college application process can seem foreign and daunting, but a growing program aims to help students navigate the process.

Signs of progress: Mpls. office focused on black males in school is making an impact

AS A GROUP, black male students in Minneapolis Public Schools have struggled with multiple things: Graduation rates, test scores, attendance and suspensions among them.