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A Bright Future is on the Horizon for 2015 ThreeSixty Scholar

ThreeSixty Journalism student Amira Warren-Yearby has been selected as the 2015 ThreeSixty Scholar.

Editor's corner: Diving in

Four years ago, I was a timid, naive intern reporter at the St. Paul Pioneer Press, surrounded by experienced journalists and seasoned editors.

Spreading his story: Author Hamse Warfa speaks about immigrating to U.S., leadership

Everyone has a story that makes them unique. Some are filled with more hardship than others.

A teen’s guide to summer fun: The Twin Cities boasts plenty of free and cheap summer options for teens

The cliché vision of a relax­ing teenage summer, sleeping in until noon and spending long days at a pool, isn’t the reality for many teens.

youth gathered on April 3 outside the Brian Coyle Center in Minneapolis

Al-Shabab’s actions hit home in Minnesota: Locals speak out against Somalia-based Islamist militant group’s attack in Kenya

“Stop Al-Shabab barbaric terror.”

“We stand with Garissa University.”

“Down (with) extremist Al-Shabab ideology.”

Overcoming (more) odds: A Johnson essay project

For six weeks during the winter of 2015, juniors in AP English classes at Johnson High School in St.

R.T. Rybak

@16 (part two) with R.T. Rybak: The former Minneapolis mayor talks life out of office and the achievement gap

During his 12-year tenure as mayor of Minneapolis, Raymond Thomas Rybak Jr.—named after his father, but nicknamed “R.T.” due to his parents’ mutual dislike of the name, he said—accomplished many th

A digital connection: Instant communication can be helpful or harmful when used in relationships

Liz Fesenmaier and her boyfriend may live nearly 1,200 miles apart, but communication is only a few taps away.

A screenshot of a post from the “HeForShe” campaign

Feminism in the digital age: Social media has played a big role in the modern-day feminist movement

Kristine Holmgren has seen feminism evolve throughout the decades.

A veteran feminist, Holmgren says these days, social media is play­ing an integral role in the women’s movement.

In Focus: Teens and their technology

It’s no question that electronics and teenagers often go hand in hand in this digital age and culture of instant accessibility.

How to prevent – and help stop – cyberbullying: Certain steps can be taken to halt online abuse

What started as an innocent group message on Facebook grew into a mean-spirited attack that left Lana Rubinstein feeling scared and isolated.

Jeffrey McGonigal, the Anoka-Hennepin School District assistant superintendent

Learning in a digital classroom: Telepresence rooms at Anoka-Hennepin save classes, bring students together

When he began talking during the interview, Jeffrey McGonigal’s voice was as clear as a bell and he appeared to be just across the room.

A smartphone app for teen drivers: U of M developing Teen Driver Support System to keep teens safe on the road

Ten percent of teenage drivers—ages 15-19—involved in fatal crashes in 2013 were dis­tracted at the time of the crashes, according to April data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrat

Members of Project SUCCESS

Finding SUCCESS in her journey

Before I walk on stage, behind the curtain I softly recite the lines in my head.

The Eiffel Tower

Finding freedom in France

You really had to look at it to divine that it was a guitar.


Discrimination opponent learns to overcome biases

Growing up in the Midwest, I never really met many people of Jewish background. The fact that I am Muslim and Arab only added to my alienation of the Jewish community.


Learning to manage your money: Hopkins requires students to take financial courses to graduate

Take a moment and think about how much money you’ve spent in the last two weeks.

Shay Radhakishnan

Putting an end to comparison: Girls need to build each other up, not tear each other down

“I’m not like those other girls.” “You’re not like those other girls.”

Exploring teen pregnancy rates: The teen pregnancy and birth rates in Minnesota have decreased through the years – but why?

Teenage pregnancy and birth rates in Minnesota have plummeted throughout the last two decades and reached historic lows, according to recent data.