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A world of opportunity at ThreeSixty Journalism


My job at ThreeSixty Journalism is to think about opportunity for students, in some form, every single day.

Four Reasons Why You (Yes, You!) Should Apply for a ThreeSixty Journalism Summer Camp

IT BECAME CRYSTAL CLEAR to me in high school what I wanted to study once I got into college. I thank my summer camp experiences for that.


A step toward a career path: STEP-UP jobs program connects young people with internships, experience

WHILE LIVING IN ETHIOPIA several years ago, Lensa Gudeta’s brother had a heart issue that made it difficult for him to breathe.


Standing out in IT and computing: Resources exist for young women interested in technology careers

DEVAN SAYLES, A BUSINESS application analyst at General Mills, doesn’t have to look far for a mentor in her field.


Putting power in the hands of youth: In St. Paul Youth Commission, students have chance to create ‘measurable change’

NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO, adults always seem to hold the power.

However, as a nonprofit organization in St. Paul proves, there can be strength in the innovative ideas of young people.


Do teens care about politics and civic life?

Though they know of current events, students see themselves as less active in making change than previous generations 

WHEN THE BELL RINGS at Wayzata High School, Syed Hasan 
is just a


Young people fight political discouragement with passion

Getting involved, regardless of your views, offers ways to effect change – even without voting 

 the political spectrum, then-high school students Amanda P


Social (media) activism: Young people take to Twitter, Tumblr and other online platforms to speak out and organize

A GROUP OF ABOUT 100 high school students gather together in a room on an early December evening, discussing their feelings about the Jamar Clark controversy and the protests it spawned.


Finding a path in business: A student’s experience with DECA points toward a future in business



‘They need to listen to the youth’: Young people help NOC on front lines in fight for racial and economic justice

WHEN IT WAS CeCe Monn-Price’s turn to speak to the Minneapolis City Council, she was terrified.

Nekima Levy-Pounds

ThreeSixty Focus on… Nekima Levy-Pounds

The Minneapolis NAACP president, civil rights attorney, activist and law professor talks Jamar Clark, racial tension and how youth can create change 



Making their mark on the business world: Young Minnesota entrepreneurs turn visions into reality

BHARAT PULGAM, at the age of 16, is already the chief executive officer of mXers Audio, a company developing a new type of earbuds.


The (lack of) youth vote: Young people need to take part in their civic duty

ELECTIONS ARE HOW WE hold officials accountable.


IB students are called to community action: In St. Paul Harding’s CAS program, IB seniors design, execute and serve

ST. PAUL HARDING SENIOR Zena Vue came across St. Jude’s, a hospital in Memphis, Tenn., whose main source of income is donations, while researching for a fundraising project for student council.


Sharing your leftovers: Special tables in school cafeterias help reduce waste, feed students and promote sharing

A FEW MINUTES BEFORE the 11:44 a.m. bell rings to end lunch, students at St. Paul Johnson Senior High School walk toward the garbage bins with their lunch trays.


Extracurriculars: Choose quality over quantity

Join activities to feed your passions, not just to pad your college application 

SENIOR YEAR IS a transition period for high school students, a time to discover who they want to be in


The problem with skin bleaching

“If only you were a few shades lighter, you would have been so beautiful, honey.”

AMIRA ADAWE GREW UP in a comfortable home surrounded by people who appreciated her skin.

Fartun Well

The mental health stigma: In Somali community, culture can be a barrier to treatment


These three words may look different, but they are commonly used in the Somali community to describe one thing: crazy.


The quest for more muscle: Body image is not just a women's issue

Editor’s note: ThreeSixty has changed the name of a minor in this article due to privacy. 

BRIAN IS ALWAYS AWARE of the space he occupies.