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ThreeSixty student wins prize for teacher

PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY — In September the Dow Jones News Fund asked high school student journalists to nominate their #JournalismHero in an Instagram photo caption contest during Constitution

Once expelled for fighting, Dymanh Chhoun turned his life around and found a passion for storytelling. Now, the ThreeSixty Journalism alum has advice for other students.

The big, muscular boy had been making fun of “how I talked,” said Dymanh Chhoun, a Cambodian refugee.

Chhoun wouldn’t let it go.

‘Together we rise’: After fatal school explosion, Minnehaha Academy rallies together

Emma Melling lost her “home” on Aug. 2.

Old building, new opportunities: Plans for Hiawatha Collegiate High’s new campus reflect goals of the growing school

Something new is bubbling up within an old bottling plant in south Minneapolis.

More than a game: Off the field, Dana Nelson leads Super Bowl LII’s charitable giving, investing in youth health and wellness

Dana Nelson knows there’s more to the Super Bowl than football.

A passion for education, justice and equality: Q-and-A with Dr. Yohuru Williams, dean of St. Thomas’ College of Arts & Sciences

As a child, Yohuru Williams would go with his father to the largest housing project in their hometown of Bridgeport, Conn.

Diversifying the state workforce: State’s chief inclusion officer works to create access, opportunity for all

Gov. Mark Dayton is aiming to diversify the state workforce during his final years in office.

Lake Calhoun or Bde Maka Ska?: The Twin Cities has its own name restoration debate

One of the most popular lakes in the Twin Cities has two names.

New hot pot spot: Restaurant brings Chinese culture to Dinkytown, one bowl of soup at a time

Stepping into Le Pot Chinese Hotpot on a weekday afternoon, modern Chinese music plays from a sound system in the ceiling.

The show must go on: An inside look as St. Paul Johnson cast rehearses multiple roles in Shakespeare tribute

Editor’s Note: This story was reported in September, before the school performed the play.

Studying identity, culture in school: Robbinsdale Armstrong, Cooper debut ethnic studies classes

Robbinsdale Armstrong and Cooper high schools are debuting a new ethnic studies class this school year.

What I learned from watching American movies in Myanmar: High school struggles in film are different in reality

“Mean Girls.”

“High School Musical.”

“10 Things I Hate About You.”

Challenging the media stereotypes of Somali-Americans

In 2016, HBO announced it would air the TV series “Mogadishu, Minnesota.” The series, which was created by Somali rapper K’Naan Warsame, was supposed to depict
 a Somali family li

Conversations about race can be uncomfortable, but necessary: Metro-area school takes steps toward understanding

In 2015 at an Applebee’s restaurant near my house in Andover, a Somali woman wearing a hijab and speaking Swahili was assaulted by another customer with a beer mug in a racially motivated att

ThreeSixty Focus on… Medaria Arradondo: Minneapolis’ first black police chief talks about his vision for the police department and his Minneapolis hometown pride.

Medaria Arradondo’s vision for the Minneapolis Police Department starts with rebuilding trust in the community.

He also knows that will be a challenge.

‘The Target Field Game’: One of Division III’s biggest football rivalries showcased at Minnesota Twins ballpark

Football fans, clad in either red or purple, crowded into restaurants around Target Field hours before the big game.

eSports on the rise: U of M League of Legends club wants official sport status

Typically, athletes workout and sweat. A select few gain scholarships to compete in college.

Ninjas in training: American Ninja Warrior-inspired gym creates local youth program

Mason Engnes is known in the gym by his alias, “The Golden Badger.”

An uncertain future: Treatment of DACA students is unjust

As soon as I opened the email, I grinned from ear to ear.

Learning from a Rohingya man who carried his parents to escape

I’m a woman, I’m black and I’m a Muslim. I’m also grateful.

K-pop and me: A reluctant love story

It all began with a love-hate relationship between me and K-pop, 
a subculture of music that comes from South Korea.

The largely untold story: The Karen ethnic group has been victim to decades of abuse, persecution

I was the first one to get the bad news. On a Sunday morning in September, I got a Facebook message from my cousin in Australia. My uncle—my mom’s brother— had died.

What does it mean to be Karen?: Student shares her experience as member of ethnic group

I am proud to be Karen (pronounced “kuh-REN”).